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Short:IRC client purely in ARexx with scripting
Author:megacz(megacz at
Uploader:megacz(megacz usa com)
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    WTF is this?

Well, this is an IRC client written purely in ARexx, wchichs core 
is 'rxsocket'. This client allows u to chat over the shell or 
telnet unlike any other gui based, it is also very small so it could 
be used in many instances without huge memory consumption. 

 Other features in brief:

- allows scripting also in ARexx
- script console output could be diverted to main console (FIFO:)
- handles irc colors and styles
- [extendable] CTCP support
- global logger as well as intelligent logger
- adjustable priorities and loop-rates just to save the cpu time

...and many more available by discovering them when doing setup.

Yap! This thing is more like for freaks rather than ordinary users =)


version 1.00
17-May-06   Starting with the project, got a lot of tcp dumps,
            even more ideas and crappy thing that receives
            that something, raw datas! firstly with RECV()

18-May-06   Reading RFC's with mega pauses, its hot...
19-May-06   =
20-May-06   =
21-May-06   =

22-May-06   Got shapy network "code" using RECVFROMUNTIL(),
            but seemd that this function passes thru some
            unexpected network datas sometimes...,
            some changes and improvements in script init.

23-May-06   Introducing network parser, console output selector,
            irc codes matcher and destination dropper

24-May-06   First version of colors and styles translator,
            CTCP support,some commands and CTRL

25-May-06   console output selector looks awful i even dont
            know how to add something to it, it become too
            complex and too slow ;],
            decided to rewrite and simplify...

27-May-06   fun with port communcation... crap, choosing FIFO:

28-May-06   Added early scripting support that hangs occasionally...,
            found that colors translator has unneeded DO inst. when
            matching colors from reassign table and slows down
            whole script considerably... unusable on plain 68020

29-May-06   Fun with scripting :|, getting tired and bored...
30-May-06   =

31-May-06   Early stage of ILOG, added some commands and new
            colors translator that is kinda fast :)

04-Jun-06   network part uses now LINEREAD(), some clean ups,
            changed the function from WAITSELECT() to DELAY()
06-Jun-06   666! =D, minor changes everywhere, some improv. 
            and lots of tests...

12-Jun-06   no seroius bugs or flaws found, doing some fixes
            and going to rest :)

19-Jun-06   Writing this doc.

22-Jun-06   Minor changes in network parser(ipv6 hosts
            were collapsing the parser) and in port/irc

02-Jul-06   Oops! found socket overflows, fixed.

version 1.01
18-Aug-06   Fixed a bug with commands passed to the
            scripts, only the first word of a cmd was
            feeding the 'pipe_dev' stream...

19-Aug-06   Added DCC entry to the CTCP just to not
            show up the unknown message

04-Sep-06   Changed all 'CALL function()' to
            'intoper=function()' -labels r unchanged,
            changed 'linefeed' var to 'lfamiga' in
            loggers -CRLF is crap ;],
            Removed "experimental" file-check code in
            some subroutines -i dont know why i used
            shell commands to bypass ARexx functions?!,
            modified scripts handling -note that u
            need to rewrite ur current scripts
            in order to use them with 1.01;sorry...
            refer to rirx/template.rirx to see the

07-Sep-06   third(internal) version of DCC plugin ready -
            full(upload and download) + lots of fixes,
            added LS and EXEC commands

09-Sep-06   Added static script launcher; it starts scripts
            defined in the var. disregarding auto-execution,
            added KCOLORS to the /CTRL; so now its possible
            to control console(fg) settable colors -finally!,
            RIRC is now 50 kilos long

10-Sep-06   Added input-console styles and colors support
            this affects only direct queries;
            and not: MSG,NOTICE,ME,
            added some server related commands

11-Sep-06   Fixed problems with syncing FIFO: outputs;
            now self-feeding uses 'A' flag instead of 'W',
            added RAINBOW to the /CTRL -yet another
            useless thing that colorizes the console ;)

12-Sep-06   Color selection changes in: console output sel.,
            changes in loggers -no colors logging anymore
            nor video restoreres; but nothing is lost
            u can swap all ALT+C[BUV] chars. by a ESCAPE one
            and see the colors and styles again,
            Fixed a bug in loggers where logfiles were
            not created in exclusive mode 

15-Sep-06   Added phrase join & part -this allows to
            assign several channels to one word and
            perform /PJOIN <phrase> or /PPART <phrase>,
            some minor; cosmetical changes,
            added direct console output for internally
            started scripts -experimental

16-Sep-06   Added simple LPS(loop per second) test,
            changed back from DELAY() TO WAITSELECT()
            so that user have more control over the loop-rate
            raster and not just only 3 or maybe 4 states.,
            changed lpstest_: so now it shows more realible
            summaries and do not relies only on calculation
            but performs all three lps checks
            -test is 2x longer; about 3 seconds,
            'valreate' has been removed,

17-Sep-06   Added local channels database handler so that 
            after reconnecting chans. u were on will be
            changed phrase resolver a bit -it is possible
            now to join channels from several phrases,
            fixed issue with "INVITE" message where on
            some servers channel wasnt visible,
            added ident obtained from a TCP/IP stack file;
            if static 'ident' isnt specified,

01-Oct-06   fixed issue with "PART" message where channel
            name was invisible in screen msg. on some servers

### RexxIRC by megacz2k6(megacz at,              DOC:19-Jun-06

Contents of util/rexx/rirc.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                18101   60631  29.9% -lh5- f91b Oct 13 23:05 rirc1.01/rirc
[generic]                 8334   19381  43.0% -lh5- 20cb Oct  1 22:40 rirc1.01/rirc.txt
[generic]                 6922   20065  34.5% -lh5- 8095 Sep 15 23:35 rirc1.01/rirx/dcc.rirx
[generic]                 1974    4431  44.5% -lh5- 7469 Sep 10 21:57 rirc1.01/rirx/template.rirx
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         4 files   35331  104508  33.8%            Oct 14 00:38

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