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Short:Miami script to save the ntp time - 1.3
Author:geohei at (Georges Heinesch)
Uploader:geohei ibm net (Georges Heinesch)
Version:1.3 (04 Feb 1998)
Requires:Miami 1.1 or better
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$VER: 1.3 (02 Feb 1998) for Miami 1.1 or better
© Georges Heinesch <geohei at>, Luxembourg
  PGP 2.6.3i public key available on request and on public servers

This script should be used when requesting the correct  time  from  an  ntp
server  (time  server).  If an ntp server is queried, it updates the system
time. This script saves this updated time to the battery clock of the Amiga
and optionally creates a logfile to keep track of the correction applied to
the system time.

To  get  an  address  from  an  adequate  ntp  server,  have  a   look   at
''.  Choose  one  and insert
the address into the relevant string  gadget  (bottom  of  'TCP/IP'  page).
Don't forget to activate the 'Get Time' switch.

Then enter the path/name of this script  (e.g.  ARexx/  into
the  'Online' string gadget ('Events' page). This starts the script as soon
as the ntp server transmitted the time information.

Optionally,  the  corrections  applied  to  the  current system time can be
logged to a file. If this is desired, set  the  'log'  variable  to  'true'
(default  is  'true')  and  enter the path/name of the log file (default is

Example of a log file:

Date          old time  ntp time  error
---------     --------  --------  ---------
02-Feb-97     19:05:34  19:05:35  -00:00:01
02-Feb-97     19:08:54  19:08:55   00:00:00
02-Feb-97     19:16:06  19:16:06  -00:00:02
02-Feb-97     19:19:29  19:19:29  +00:00:03
02-Feb-97     19:20:49  19:20:49  -00:00:02

The variable 'secdelta' takes system speed into account and has to  be  set
accordingly.  Fast  systems  use  1 (68060), slow system 2 or 3 (68020). To
find the correct value, run the script a  couple  of  times  with  the  log
option  enabled and analyse the log file. The average of the time errors is
the value to enter here (in seconds).

ENVARC:TZ must be set up correctly as well. Have a look at 'http://www.ifh.
de/computing/manuals/infohtml/glibc/library_318.html'   for   details.  For
Luxembourg, I have "CET-1". For some  reason,  "CET-1CEST-2"  doesn't  work
properly  on  the  Amiga.  Therefore,  I  change TZ manually to "CET-2" for
daylight saving. Apparently, TZ only accepts 3 digits as national time zone
code.  In  fact,  the  3  digits  aren't  used, which means that "xxx-1" or
"xxx-2" would work as well.

The file "tzdata1997a.tar.gz" gives even more detailed information. It  can
be found at "". Here the most important zones.


 -1:00    AAT         Atlantic Africa Time (no longer used)
  0:00    WAT         West Africa Time
  1:00    CAT         Central Africa Time
  2:00    SAT         South Africa Time
  3:00    EAT         East Africa Time


  2:00    EET   EEST  Eastern European Time
  2:00    IST   IDT   Israel
  3:00    AST   ADT   Arabia
  4:00    GST         Gulf
  5:30    IST         India
  7:00    ICT         Indochina
  8:00    CST         China
  9:00    JST         Japan
  9:00    KST         Korea
  9:30    CST         (Australian) Central Standard Time


  8:00    WST   WST   Western Australia
  9:00    JST         Japan
  9:30    CST   CST   Central Australia
 10:00    EST   EST   Eastern Australia
 10:00    GST         Guam
 10:30    LHST  LHST  Lord Howe
 12:00    NZST  NZDT  New Zealand
 12:45    CHAST CHADT Chatham
-11:00    SST         Samoa
-10:00    HST         Hawaii


 -4:00    AST         Atlantic
 -3:00    WGT   WGST  Western Greenland
 -1:00    EGT   EGST  Eastern Greenland
  0:00    GMT   BST   Greenwich, British Summer
  0:00    GMT   IST   Greenwich, Irish Summer
  0:00    WET   WEST  Western Europe
  1:00    CET   CEST  Central Europe
  2:00    EET   EEST  Eastern Europe
  3:00    MSK   MSD   Moscow


 -4:00    AST   ADT   Atlantic
 -5:00    EST   EDT   Eastern Standard Time
 -6:00    CST   CDT   Central Standard Time
 -7:00    MST   MDT   Mountain Stantard Time
 -8:00    PST   PDT   Pacific Standard Time
 -9:00    YST         Yukon Standard Time
-10:00    HST         Hawaii Standard Time


 -2:00    FST   FDT   Fernando de Noronha
 -3:00    EST   EDT   Eastern Brazil
 -4:00    WST   WDT   Western Brazil
 -4:00    AST   ADT   Atlantic
 -5:00    AST   ADT   Acre


18 Feb 1997 : 1.0  : First release.
04 Apr 1997 : 1.1  : Serveral bug fixes
04 Jan 1998 : 1.2  : bug fix
02 Feb 1998 : 1.3  : bug fix

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