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here is the demo version of SIEGFRIED COPY. Some functions at the
demo version are disabled:

- Nibble copy
- Hardware copy
- Load/Save preferences
- Checking for viruses
- Verify
- BackCheck
- "Show vectors" not possible.
- Pseudo drive DAT can only used to decrunche DAT files
- No RDT copy
- Sync analysis disabled
- Analyzer: Save of lists not possible
- Analyzer: Function "Execute" disabled

  SIEGFRIED COPY highlights

To mention just a few of the multiple advantages of SIEGFRIED COPY:

2 Nibble modes: protected, IBM and ATARI-ST floppy disks can be copied

Hardware Copy of top-protected floppy disks (hardware addendum)

Deep DOS: Special copy mode where protected tracks are copied automatically

Copying of AMIGA-HD disks

A novelty that makes this programme unique: link virus recognition during
copying process

Automode: simple introduction of floppy disk starts process automatically.
A top-level function for multi-copy users.

DAT pseudo-drive: copy/archiving of floppy disks onto hard disk

Remote data transmission copy: copy per data communication, a world-wide
novelty! From floppy to floppy via modem

Sync-Scan: checking for unknown copy protection Syncs.

Staggered reading/writing accesses for increasing data safety

Recognition of long or short tracks, respectively

Formatting of a floppy disk at top speed (incl. of FFS and QUICK)

Running of soundtracker-modules as desired

Overall support of the reset-proof Ramdisk RAD

Automated recognition of bootblock viruses during copy process
Integrated floppy disk packing

High speed floppy disk check, can also be used for link virus tracing. With

SIEGFRIED COPY speed is not a conjuring trick

SIEGFRIED COPY can be run by means of the latest graphic cards (such
as the RETINA incl. of workbench emulation)

The copying programme can be used for multi-tasking during copying process,
too. Thus, for example, you can copy while simultaneously addressing a

Installation on hard disk

Siegfried Antivirus Professional 1.5 Demo
here is the demo version of SIEGFRIED Antivirus Professional. Some
functions at the demo version are disabled:

1. Only 10 link- and file viruses are at the brainfile.
2. The detection of bootblock viruses are disabled.
2. No save and restore of of the Rigid Disk Blocks is possible.
3. IRAK Recover: you can only check blocks, no cleanup possible.
4. No backcheck.
5. UnPack isn't possible.
6. Protection only with the date, file len and ckecksum are disabled.
7. "Show vectors" not possible.
8. Load and save of the preferences are disabled.
9. No analysis of bootblocks.

  Siegfried Antivirus highlights
- Virus search on any device (Hard disk, floppy disk, CR-ROM, etc.)
- Quick tracing of Link and File viruses (also Trojans, Worms, Bombs, Disk
  Validator Viruses, etc.)
- Block Test to search viruses at the block level of a device
- Automated unpacking of compressed programs for virus checking
- Check file and disk archives (LHA, LZX, DMS, etc.)
- Recognition of Bootblock Viruses with analysis
- Safeguards hard drives Rigid Disk Blocks
- Includes a comprehensive 50 page printed manual
- Full update service to registered users
- Protocolation of the actual action. The protocol can be saved to a file 
  or printed.
- IRAK-Recover: restoring Disk they are infested by the SADDAN virus.
  Improved possibilities for Kickstart 1.3 user: no self activation of
  the virus when the disk is stored in a drive!
- Showing hunk structures of programmes
- Loading/storing/archive filling/installation of bootblocks
- Compare of two bootblocks
- Preventive protective measures against intrusion of viruses
- Bootblock analysis with regard to virulent programme structures
- System carriers check
- Playing of soundtracker modules
- Installion on hard disk
- High performance

Siegfried Soft

Contents of util/virus/sf_demo.lha
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[generic]                27729   51784  53.5% -lh5- 1a44 May  5  1996 SF_DEMO/Libs/siegfried.library
[generic]                 2065    4452  46.4% -lh5- b41c May  5  1996 SF_DEMO/SFAP.Bitte_lesen
[generic]                  224     463  48.4% -lh5- c629 May  6  1996 SF_DEMO/
[generic]                 1262    2623  48.1% -lh5- 8470 May  5  1996 SF_DEMO/SFAP_ENGLISH.readme
[generic]                  222     463  47.9% -lh5- 776b May  6  1996 SF_DEMO/
[generic]                35774   79800  44.8% -lh5- 9605 May  5  1996 SF_DEMO/SFAPDemo
[generic]                  397     938  42.3% -lh5- 1a81 May  6  1996 SF_DEMO/
[generic]                 2912    6372  45.7% -lh5- 8eec May  5  1996 SF_DEMO/SFC.Bitte_Lesen
[generic]                  221     463  47.7% -lh5- 375d May  6  1996 SF_DEMO/
[generic]                 1901    4127  46.1% -lh5- 5d34 May  5  1996 SF_DEMO/SFC.DAT_Anleitung
[generic]                  220     463  47.5% -lh5- f280 May  6  1996 SF_DEMO/
[generic]                 1419    2855  49.7% -lh5- 943c May  5  1996 SF_DEMO/SFC_ENGLISH.readme
[generic]                  219     463  47.3% -lh5- 7661 May  6  1996 SF_DEMO/
[generic]                60151  130744  46.0% -lh5- 258d May  5  1996 sf_demo/sfcdemo
[generic]                  210     938  22.4% -lh5- 2d40 May  6  1996 SF_DEMO/
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 Total        15 files  134926  286948  47.0%            May  6  1996

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