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Short:Timer controled random WBPattern change
Author:RhoSigma, Roland Heyder <>
Uploader:Roland Heyder <rhosigma rhosigma-cw net>
Version:6.100 (12.05.15)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
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  => This small program is intended to be used from your Startup-Sequence or
     User-Startup. It will randomly select pictures from a given list and write
     its names into the file ENV:sys/WBPattern.prefs. As ENV:sys is watched
     by the IPrefs task for any changes going on there (notification), this
     behaviour will force IPrefs to update the display and use the new pictures
     as backgrounds.

  => RandomWBPatt may be used ONCE per boot-up to have another background
     every time you restart your system, or you may keep it running in the
     background with the TIMER option to change the background pictures every
     given period of time.

  => See Docs/RandomWBPatt.doc for full installation/usage details.

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  => Dieses kleine Programm ist dafür gedacht, von der Startup-Sequence oder
     der User-Startup aus benutzt zu werden. Es wählt zufällig Bilder aus
     bereitgestellten Liste aus und schreibt deren Namen in die Datei
     ENV:sys/WBPattern.prefs. Da ENV:sys vom IPrefs Task auf jedwede
     überwacht wird (Benachrichtigung), zwingt dieses Vorgehen IPrefs dazu, die
     Anzeige zu aktualisieren und die neuen Bilder als Hintergründe anzuzeigen.

  => RandomWBPatt kann einmalig (ONCE) pro Bootvorgang benutzt werden, um bei
     jedem Systemstart einen anderen Hintergrund zu haben, oder es kann im
     Hintergrund weiterlaufen mit der TIMER Option, um die Hintergründe jeweils
     in dem angegebenen Zeitabstand zu wechseln.

  => Siehe Docs/RandomWBPatt.dok für Installations- und Benutzungshinweise.

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v3.089 (30.03.02)
       - First public release

v3.222 (10.08.02)
       - Random generator reworked: As more pictures from the given list
         were already shown, as longer it takes for the random generator to
         get a hit on an still unshown picture, finally ending up in an
         endless loop causing heavy disk activity.
          Now after a maximum of 100 random tries, the generator is switched
         to sequencial mode to find the few remaining unshown pictures.

v4.231 (19.08.02)
       - Major change for this Version is the splitting of the old list file
         'SYS:Prefs/Presets/RndPattFiles' to the files 'RndPattFiles-WB' and
         'RndPattFiles-WIN' which hold the listings for the appropriate
         WBPattern-Settings 'Workbench' and 'Windows'

       - Minor changes: some more enhancements on random generator code and
                        CTRL-C/F handling.

v4.539 (23.06.03)
       - added CTRL-D/E handling for WBONLY/WINONLY forced reloads,
         CTRL-F is still operating by using the given commandline options

       - recompiled because of major changes in »extra.library«, see History
         of util/libs/ExtraLib.lha for more info

v4.621 (13.09.03)
       - fixed some problems with OS3.5/3.9 quality settings, which were
         always reset to default values, now this is only the case, if
         'RandomWBPatt' has to change the type of background, but then it
         must use defaults because of compatiblity reasons to OS3.0/3.1

       - in general RandomWBPatt now keeps all settings made with the
         WBPattern preferences editor

v5.000 (31.03.04)
       - in certain cases, especially when used for single pattern change
         (ONLY-Options and/or CTRL-D/CTRL-E), the 'wbpattern.prefs' file in
         ENV: was truncated because of odd filename length of the picture.
         -- fixed now --

v5.282 (08.10.04)
       - if ONLY-Option is used, then you now only must provide either the
         RndPattFiles-WB or -WIN file according to your ONLY-Option, older
         versions always did expect both files or the program was aborted by
         runtime error 53 (File not found)

       - if no RndPattFiles file is found, then the program simply does
         nothing, older versions did abort with runtime error 53 too

v5.300 (28.11.05)
       - added some workarounds for OS-Functions, so I could loosen the
         OS requirements to OS 2.04, was easy to do, because only two OS3.0
         functions were used :-)

       - also updated the Version/Architecture stuff of this readme to fit
         the requirements of the new Aminet

v5.400 (03.03.07)
       - random generator upper bound fixed -> last file in list was unused

       - if a break was received when clock was already down to next pattern
         change, then the pattern was changed once more before exiting
         -- fixed now -- (break means break now, immediately)

       - added better error handling, especially for missing libs or wrong
         versions of it, all unexpected errors will reported and program
         will exit in a clean way

v5.410 (23.06.07)
       - random generator reworked, all operations done in RAM now, cause
         disk operations take too long with large image lists >500 files
         especially when most files are already done and the generator is
         trying to get a hit on one of the few remaining files
          (see also changes for v3.222)

v5.411 (03.07.11) - [not published]
       - *.done files will also list last shown date and time for every
         picture, this was simply something to satisfy myself, because i
         have >3000 pictures in list and wanna know how long ago i saw a
         particular picture

v5.412 (10.07.11) - [not published]
       - in case if both, WB and WIN pattern change is active, a restart
         of the WIN list has (as side effect) skipped one WB picture,
         -- fixed now --

v6.000 (22.07.11)
       - cleaner way implemented to obtain the window's RastPort of a running
         StopMenu task, old method simply did check the window positions and
         dimensions, which restricted the usage to a fixed screen size, now
         StopMenu's window is identified by Window->UserPort->SigTask, so
         it should be usable on any screen size

       - as any screen size is supported now by the StopMenu hack (see Docs),
         output must maybe limited, for full info (pic names & countdown) you
         must have at least 710 pixels screen width, <710 but >640 will only
         show the countdown clock, <640 does no output anymore

       - no need to install custom *.info files for StopMenu hack anymore,
         required images are build-in now

       - to prevent trashing of the StopMenu display, long filenames are
         shortcutted if required, first the file extension is removed and if
         this is not enough, then one by another letter is omitted at the end
         of the name

       - finally the StopMenu hack can be disabled for those who don't like
         such techniques or simply don't need the info display, just omit
         the PEN option to disable it

       - RandomWBPatt will NOT affect any OS3.5/3.9 quality settings anymore,
         even if it has to change the type from pattern to picture
          (see also changes for v4.621)

v6.100 (12.05.15)
       - cleaned up and final release

       - very subtle arithmetic overflow fixed in find random hit loop, which
         caused the program to hang on the last picture in list, if certain
         preconditions were fulfilled

       - new version of extra.library included (Aminet: util/libs/ExtraLib.lha)

       - it works for me and I see no need for any more improvements, also
         I've never received any comments or suggestions, by this means...

         *** PROJECT DONE & CLOSED ***

Contents of util/wb/RandomWBPatt.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[unknown]                  284    1170  24.3% -lh5- 0dab May 12 12:14 .displayme
[unknown]                  858    1636  52.4% -lh5- ac7d May 12 12:14
[unknown]                 3498    6339  55.2% -lh5- f25e May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt.md5
[unknown]                  338     421  80.3% -lh5- 2b03 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt.md5.asc
[unknown]                 1959    5318  36.8% -lh5- ae17 May 12 12:14
[unknown]                 3506    8183  42.8% -lh5- aaae May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt.readme
[unknown]                 1127    1489  75.7% -lh5- 1c4c May 12 12:14
[unknown]                  861    1636  52.6% -lh5- d83c May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/
[unknown]                24841   48148  51.6% -lh5- 77b8 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/c/RandomWBPatt
[unknown]                  859    1636  52.5% -lh5- 1969 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/
[unknown]                 2659    6142  43.3% -lh5- dbba May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Docs/RandomWBPatt.doc
[unknown]                  789    1337  59.0% -lh5- 4534 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Docs/
[unknown]                 3003    6952  43.2% -lh5- 3eff May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Docs/RandomWBPatt.dok
[unknown]                  788    1337  58.9% -lh5- 4650 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Docs/
[unknown]                11286   17900  63.1% -lh5- 8fba May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/libs/extra.library
[unknown]                  109     156  69.9% -lh5- 1d09 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/libs/source.readme
[unknown]                  864    1636  52.8% -lh5- a2b0 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/
[unknown]                   80     263  30.4% -lh5- 34e3 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Samples/RndPattFiles-WB
[unknown]                  753    1207  62.4% -lh5- 82bb May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Samples/
[unknown]                   80     263  30.4% -lh5- 34e3 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Samples/RndPattFiles-WIN
[unknown]                  749    1207  62.1% -lh5- 0c8a May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Samples/
[unknown]               363917  363917 100.0% -lh0- 41d5 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Samples/StopMenuHack.png
[unknown]                 1460    2205  66.2% -lh5- ba80 May 12 12:14 RandomWBPatt/Samples/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        23 files  424668  480498  88.4%            May 15 19:06

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