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Short:GUI frontend for the UHC-Tools package
Author:DisasterIncarnate (Pete Swanston)
Uploader:geekpeter gmail com (Pete Swanston)
Requires:util/misc/UHCTools.lha; util/cli/System.lha
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
Kurz:GUI-Frontend fuer das UHC-Tools-Paket
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This is a graphical user interface which you can use with the UHC Tools
package which is a collection of cli tools to make a real or emulated
Amiga which has internet access a lot easier to work with.

Full details for this you can find on the UHC Tools aminet page, this
readme simply covers this work in progress GUI which requires a
correctly installed UHC Tools.

Note: due to the nature of "Online" life, some sites may enforce http
redirects to https, in which case you may see a popup mentioning that
AMISSL is needed for some operations, currently Remix.Kwed enforces
a https redirect so AMISSL is needed, the same may apply to some of the
other sites supported by UHC Tools and may change 1 way or the other
over time.


In brief, the GUI lets you do pretty much everything important that
the cli tools do, you can Get+Retain files or Download+Extract, or
leave the GUI in Auto mode to decide for you.

UHC Tools supports downloading from these sites:

AROS Archive
MorphOS Storage
OS4 Depot
Fred Fish Collection
Ascii Arena
Turran's FTP (
HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection - C64 Music)


The cyclegadget containing the download sites lists all available
sites you can use and should default to "Aminet" unless another
is saved as your default, note the "Recent Uploads" button.  Not
all download sites support a recent list and must be searched
manually, if this is the case an information message should
warn you of this fact at the bottom of the GUI.

the GUI, i hope, should be pretty obvious in its form and function,
as default everything downloads to RAM: but again this can be changed
either temporarily or permanently.

To see the less obvious options, check the rightmouse menus:

Toggle Resize
- Enables or Disables the window Resize dragbar.
- Save preferences to keep this permanent.

Snapshot Window
- Snapshot/Save the windows default LR/UD/Width/Height values.
- This is saved right away and not when the save option(s) are used.

UnSnapShot Window
- Removes saved sizes/positions and uses defaults.

Center To Screen
- Use after a resize operation to center the window if needed.
- Remember to also snapshot the window to keep this position
- as your saved default.

Changes Are Saved; Changes Not Saved (The Text Toggles)
- Toggle Resize, Download Destination, Download Type (Get/Extract)
- and Download Site options are either saved on exit or are left as
- "Last Saved" when exiting, what you see in the menu is what it
- is currently set as, ie: "Changes Are Saved" means the above
- will save on exit, this preference is saved after exit and will
- remain as such until toggled.

Save Current Prefs
- Same as above but saves current preferences instantly rather than
- on exit, further changes are not saved unless you manually invoke
- this again or use the above method.

TXT Viewer
-  You can set which program you want to view readme files, once set
-  save changes to make your selection persist.

UHC-Tools Update
-  Quick online check for an updated UHC-Tools package
-  no further action required, it either updates and works or you
-  will get a message you are already up to date.

-  Tells you some boring stuff about the GUI, personally I wouldnt
-  waste my time with it.

- Banishes the GUI into the void where it slumbers until you invoke
- it once more for use.


Any issues/bugs?

Yes, oh yes, most likely, email me any issues or find me on the EAB
forum where i should have a thread you can post into regarding testing
the GUI.

Any feature requests for the more nitty gritty stuff should probably
go to the UHC Tools devs, this GUI is just a paperweight without their
amazing work which makes using and updating an internet enabled Amiga
a joy to work with.



Features Update Added on 22/Nov/2022:
- UHC-Tools devs added native support to Search/Get from RKO making old HTML
scraping method redundant/obsolete.
- AmigaRemix and RKO have gained the ability to list "Recent" uploads.
- Double Clicking a file "should" download directly.

Minor Feature Update Added on 14th November 2022:
- UHC-Tools devs added support to Search/Get from
- updated GUI to support new addition.

Minor Feature Update Added on 10th October 2022:
- UHC-Tools devs added support to Search/Get from HVSC
- updated GUI to support new addition.

Minor Feature Update Added on 27th Sept 2022:
- UHC-Tools devs added support to Search/Get/Extract from TURRAN's FTP
- aka, updated GUI to support new features.
- this addition is new and still work in progress, there are some issues
- when attempting to auto extract filenames with non standard characters,
- future updates will hopefully fix these teething issues.

Minor Change Added on 24th Sept 2022:
- Under emulation on some x86 Linux Distro's a bsdsocket error would
- attach iteself to the end of search results but would not actually
- inhibit functionality, the error message has simply been hidden and
- should not appear on search results anymore.

Minor Changes Added on 23rd Sept 2022:
- Fixed menu color problem

Minor Changes Added on 18th Sept 2022:
- Added to list of Download Sites to match recent addition from
UHC-Tools authors.

Contents of util/wb/UHCGUI-Current.lha
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[unknown]                 1723    3473  49.6% -lh5- a1b5 Nov 22 15:34 UHC-GUI/Read-Me
[unknown]                  566    1401  40.4% -lh5- 4406 Sep  7 13:54 UHC-GUI/
[unknown]                   19      19 100.0% -lh0- 3a74 Aug 30 15:47 uhc-gui/uhc-gui
[unknown]                  877    1618  54.2% -lh5- c3b1 Sep  7 13:54 UHC-GUI/
[unknown]                40988   96748  42.4% -lh5- 74bd Nov 22 15:34 UHC-GUI/UHC-GUI.prg
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