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Short:A sbar plugin to listen to WebRadios
Author:Thomas Igracki
Uploader:Thomas Igracki de
Kurz:Ein sbar Plugin um WebRadios anzuhören
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 A screen titlebar plug-in class to listen to internet radio stations streaming
 using ShoutCast protocol in MPEG audio format (usually MP3, MPEG-1 Layer III)
 *Note* that it cannot decode other stream formats like Ogg Vorbis, WMA or AAC+

 It's based on CgmRadio v2.0 from Grzegorz Kraszewski. Thanks Krashan!

 If you click on the WebRadio icon in the screenbar, you can choose to start
 audio streaming/playing by selecting a station from the pop-up menu.

 You can also record the current station you are listening to by selecting the
 "Record" option from the pop-up menu.

 ** Legality Notice **
 It is advised that you ONLY RECORD streams if this is allowed!

 It's also possible to stop playing or play another radio station while still
 recording that initial stream!

 The path where the recorded stream is saved to, can be changed in the screen
 titlebar settings (right-click on the top-right screen depth-gadget, select 
 Preferences or Settings). The default path is RAM:.

 There is a default radio station list to get you started, which you can edit
 by choosing the option "Edit Stations" from the pop-up menu item.

 Selecting the "Stream info" menu item opens a window with information about
 the current radio stream.
 By opening the Title's popup-list and pressing the right mouse button a
 context menu opens where you can search for the selected title on the web
 ( with your standard browser or clear the list.
 Or just click the Title gadget itself to search for the current title.
 There is now also an ARexxPort available to control WebRadio from scripts.
ARexxCommands for WebRadio (portname is WEBRADIO):
    - show this help text
    - start playing STATION, NEXT/PREV will play next/prev station (loops at
      the end or beginning!)
      LASTUSED will play last used station (the station before stopping)

	- stop playing
	- mute/unmute
	- get the current title, state (Playing, Stoped, Recording), station name
      or station list


 Just copy the contents from the "SYS" folder to your SYS: partition manually,
 or execute/double-click the "Install" icon file to do this.

 Then by right mouse-clicking in the top-right screen depth-gadget, select the
 option Modules>Rescan or just reboot your system.
 Note: This is only needed if you install by hand!


 -  Please visit to checkout my other software and/or
 make a donation.


 - Neil Pearson for proof-reading and testing
 - jPV for disclaimer text;)


 This software is made available to you as Freeware and you may use it in 
 whatever way you wish, but the author accepts no liability for any damage
 caused to your system or other connected peripherals by using this software.

29-Okt-2020, v2.3
  fix: fixed a crash when quitting Wayfarer on an own screen

31-Aug-2020, v2.2
  chg: changed the "Connecting..." bubble to show the station name

  fix: if a connection takes longer (several seconds), the sbar could freeze
  fix: don't close the connection bubble if user opens the popup-menu
  fix: update the state of the sbar icon before connecting
  fix: if the Stream-Info window was open while connecting to a new station
       which takes longer to connect a freeze could happen
  chg: the "Failed to setup" req now contains additional information about why
       it failed (http error code and response code)
  fix: the arexx PLAY command now shows correct state while in connection phase

  fix: If a stream name started with "http/https", recording of it failed
  fix: The Edit-Stations window could throw some "Notify_SET: invalid obj" hits
  new: if the sample-rate or channels isn't specified in the MetaHeader get
       them directly from the output stream

07-Aug-2020, v2.1
  new: added arexx cmd "PLAY LAST=LASTUSED/S" to play the last station again
       before you stopped playing.
	   The last played station is stored in the envvar "WebRadio_LastStation",
	   so it survives a reboot and you can hear it again the next time
  chg: you don't need to use quotes anymore for the PLAY command if the
       Stationname contains spaces (STATION is now defined as STATION/F)
  fix: the title returned by "GET TITLE" also contained alt-spaces
  fix: the station names contained alt-spaces chars to prevent splitting the 
       name in the bubble, so you couldn't easily use a stationname with
	   spaces in "PLAY <Station>", if you don't knew it.
	   The alt-spaces in the stationnames will be converted during loading!
	   [06-Aug-20: reported by jPV]
  fix: if an arexx command returns 5 (WARN), no result string was shown,
       now I prepend the string with "Warning: " and return OK
  chg: the STATION arg in the PLAY command can also be a number (cnt from 0!)
  fix: invoking a PLAY NEXT/PREV while connection phase will be ignored (could
       lead to a freeze!)

  fix: sometimes the ARexx commands weren't received, the program which sends
  	   them seemed to hang, I'm using a own process for this now
       [04-Aug-20: reported by jPV]

02-Aug-2020, v2.0
  new: added an ARexxPort (see above for the commands)
  chg: the StreamInfo window is now automatically created on startup, so the
       titles played before opening the StreamInfo window the first time are
	   also included

  chg: compiled with gcc v9.3.0
  fix: if the icy values icy-br or icy-sr were at index 0, they were shown as
  fix: the "Station:" and the "Title:" text will be clipped if its wider than
       the window
  new: show the bitrate, samplerate and number of channels in the "Station:"
       text field

  fix: changed RadioParadiso stream url, the old didn't worked anymore

23-Feb-2020, not released yet
  new: now you can mute/unmute by right clicking over the sbar's image

10-Jan-2020, v1.11
  new: draw a "X" over the sbar's image if sound is muted
  new: added a Mute menuitem to mute the sound
  fix: removed some debug out in WebRadio_UpdateBufferLevel()

  fix: resize the Station str-gadget (StreamInfo window) for the station icon
  new: added a shorthelp to the title gadget in the StreamInfo window to inform
       the user what happens if he clicks on it

  fix: don't clear the titles list from the StreamInfo window if another screen
       gets closed
  fix: if you first open the EditStations window on one screen then open it on
       another screen, the requesters were opened on the other screen

02-Okt-2019, v1.10
  new: now you can also click the Title gadget in the StreamInfo window to open
       the browser and search for the current title in
  chg: the Update button and the HTTP-Header listview can now dissappear, if
       the window gets too small, this is usefull if you only want to see the 
	   Listening (and Recording) group
  fix: reloading the screenbar in the InstallScript now works with MorphOS 3.12

01-Okt-2019, v1.9
  new: added a context menu to the titles list in the StreamInfo window,to open
       the browser and search for the selected title in
  chg: removed the ClearList ("x") button in the StreamInfo window, and added
       a "Clear list" entry to the new context menu

  fix: if recording stoped, the sbar icon was showing the wrong state

03-Aug-2019, v1.8
  fix: forgot to put the fixed downloader script into the archive
  new: display the bufferlevel of the playing stream in the StreamInfo window
  fix: update the StreamInfo window if you start/stop recording
  fix: removed the text gadgets in the StreamInfo window from the cycle-chain
  new: added a UpdateCheck menuitem

02-Aug-2019, v1.7
  new: udpate the title in the StreamInfo window if the title changes
  new: update the StreamInfo window if you switch the station
  fix: fixed a hit if you switch a station or close a screen, if you had the 
       StreamInfo window opened before
  chg: the Title gadget in the StreamInfo window is now a poplist which contains
       all played titles

31-Jul-2019, v1.6
  fix: (hopefully) fixed the mouse-freeze bug if you switch the channel, while
       the "Listening to..." bubble is open, by closing the bubble before
	   opening the popup-menu
  chg: while connecting to a station all menuitems will be disabled
  chg: the 20 pixels sbar icon now has one empty line at the bottom, this looks
       better if the screenbar is exactly 20 pixels height

24-Jul-2019, v1.5
  chg: getting the recorded filesize is now done with Dos.Examine64(), because
       MMA_OutputBytes can take several seconds!
	   This fixes the delay while recording and displaying the shorthelp or
	   update the stream infos in the StreamInfo window
  fix: removing the sbar while the "Listening to" bubble is open, could crash

21-Jul-2019, v1.4
  fix: the prefs page had a fixed width
  chg: the New-Version-Bubble now shows "WebRadio.sbar" in the first line
  fix: the "Listening to.." bubble now appears on the current screen
  fix: fixed two "dead obj in pushstack" log msgs on cleanup
  chg: the shorthelp now shows if there is a new version available

15-Jul-2019, v1.3
  fix: fixed some deadlock when changing the radio station
  new: 60 seconds after startup a UpdateCheck is done

10-Jul-2019, v1.2
  chg: changed again some internals to handle lost of internet connection while
       playing seems to be working now!

  chg: changed again some internals to handle lost of internet connection while
       playing still not finished yet

  fix: changed some internals to prevent hanging of the screenbar if you are
       going offline while playing a stream
       [xx-Jun-19: reported by Neil Pearson]

  new: show the current station/state/metatitle in the StreamInfo window
  new: show recording infos in the StreamInfo window
  chg: changing to a new state (play, stop, rec) is now "animated"

  chg: there is now only one bubble at a time visible, no more overlapping
       bubbles only the "Listening to .." bubble can coexist

  fix: stopping of the recording stream wasn't recognized, if the you are not
       listening to any station
  fix: convert any ":" or "/" in station's name to "_"

  fix: the recording bubbles were only shown on the first screen not the current
       and so the color of sbar icon wasn't refreshed correctly on other screens
       Note: it could still occur that the color stays green (until next redraw
       of the sbar icon), if you switch the screen after you stopped recording
       but before recording really stopped!
       Just force a redraw by f.e. clicking on it, switching screen or so.
  new: if a word in metainfo-title has two successive uppercase chars, convert
       the rest of the word to lower case (Berliner Rundfunk uses all upper
       case chars!)

  chg: changed the way to recognize if the record-stream stopped (faster)
  chg: now check every 3 seconds for a new metainfo

  fix: this sbar should be now more robust, when closing screens while playing
       or recording

  fix: if you change the station, but the new station fails to play, the color
       of the icon wasn't correct
  chg: checking metainfo and testing if the playing/recording stream stopped
       is now done in a slave object, so it doesn't blocks the screenbar
       because checking if the recorded stream stopped takes several seconds
  chg: starting/stoping the recording stream is now done in a slave object, so
       it doesn't blocks the screenbar

  fix: the detection if the recording stream stopped didn't worked
  chg: the format of the date in the recorded filename is now "dd-mm-yy",
       because f.e. in the UK, the date format is "dd/mm/yyyy", and "/" isn't 
       allowed in filenames
       [15-Apr-19: reported by Neil Pearson]

14-Apr-2019, bumped to v1.0
  chg: the format of the date in the recorded filename is now the default for
       your locale, not (yy-mmm-dd)
  new: while recording, the ShortHelp now shows the time the recording started
  chg: changed the way to retrieve the MetaInfo
  new: while recording, the ShortHelp shows the filesize of a recorded stream
  new: recognises if the playing or recording stream has stopped

  new: added a prefs item to en-/disable display of the metatitle
  chg: removed the ID3tag.demuxer object, as MMETA_TITLE is now available from
  fix: if you change the name of the currently playing station and then press
       "Apply", the menu item of that station wasn't then disabled

  new: added two prefs items to enable changing the colour of the icon while
       playing and recording

  chg: the "Stream Buffer n" task is renamed to "WebRadio Play StreamBuffer"
  chg: the "Audio Output n" task is renamed to "WebRadio AudioOutput"
  chg: the "Stream Buffer n" task for recording is renamed to
       "WebRadio Rec StreamBuffer"
  chg: the "File Output n" task for recording is renamed to
       "WebRadio Rec FileOutput"
  chg: raised the "Stream Buffer" tasks priority from 0 to 1
      (proposed in the autodocs for realtime buffering)
  chg: raised the "File Output" tasks priority from -1 to 1
      (proposed in the autodocs for realtime buffering)
  fix: global current metatitle is reset when changing to a new radio station
  new: the Name sting gadget is activated after pressing the "New" button
  fix: forgot to dispose of the Play objects after stopping, which is not so 
       problematic, as they were disposed at the end or when playing restarted
  fix: if you remove the sbar while metaTitle bubble is open, it wasn't closed
 - new: A check every 5 seconds is done to find if a new MMETA_Title is in the
   stream, if yes it is shown in a "bubble"
 - fix: the MetaTitle bubble will be shown on the current screen
 - chg: the current MetaTitle is now also shown in the ShortHelp bubble
 - chg: the filename of the recorded stream now gets the time and date appended

 - chg: the list entries of the StationsList are now changed while typing not
   only after pressing RETURN
 - new: the Shorthelp bubble now shows which station you are listening to and
   also from which station you are recording.

 - new: added a id3tag.demuxer object to the pipe, but it seems so that the
   shoutcast.demuxer has the same MetaData!?

 - fix: the Shorthelp-bubble of my sbar is now the same an all screens
 - fix: the sbar image on all screens is now recolored if the state has changed
   (stopped/playing/recording), not only on the active screen

03/04-Apr-2019, bumped to v0.9
 - new: added recording of the station you are currently listening to!
 - new: added a prefs item for choosing the path where the recordings are saved,
   the filename is the name of the radio station
 - new: while playing the titlebar image is green!
 - new: while recording the titlebar image is red!

 - new: the station-list is now drag sortable
 - fix: the string gagdets are disabled if no station is selected

 - the screenbar image is now automatically converted to negative, if the
   background is dark

 - changed column order in the Edit Stations listview, now "Name, Icon, Stream"
 - the value for the attr "ice-audio-info" seems to be a little different than
   for "icy-audio-info", I use this template now "ice-channels=channels/A/K/N,
 - if there is no "ic(e|y)-audio-info" attr, use "icy-br" and "icy-sr" for the
   "connected" bubble
 - delete the "connected" bubble before showing the "connecting" bubble
 - added a StreamInfo window, to show some icy attributes of the playing song

 - A "connected" bubble is displayed with the name of the station, samplerate,
   bitrate, and number of channels!

15-Aug-2018, bumped to v0.5
 - "New" doesn't add the new entry AFTER the current or at the end if there is
    no entry selected
 - the new entry will be selected
 - MM_WebRadio_StationsSave now saves the entries from the listview NOT the 
   internal stations!
 - added "Apply" button to re-create the pop-up menu and internal stations list

 - put the Channels prefs in its own window, not in SBar prefs - not finished!

 - added showing a bubble while connecting

 - added some gfx for the sbar (sys:Data/Screenbar/NetRadio/NetRadio_xx.png)
 - added (hardcoded) support for the station image in the pop-up menu


 - started to merge example_sbar.c and cgmRadio.c into NetRadio.sbar

Contents of util/wb/WebRadio_sbar.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[generic]                  579    1035  55.9% -lh5- 6f6d Oct  2  2019 WebRadio_sbar/Install
[generic]                16036   16040 100.0% -lh5- a4ad Jan 11  2019 WebRadio_sbar/
[generic]                47104  148580  31.7% -lh5- dd01 Nov  1 22:02 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Classes/Screenbar/WebRadio.sbar
[generic]                  393     734  53.5% -lh5- 830c Aug  2  2019 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/bitRocky_Downloader
[generic]                  447     447 100.0% -lh0- 8200 May 28  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/16/WebRadio.png
[generic]                  499     499 100.0% -lh0- d5d9 Jul 27  2019 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/20/WebRadio.png
[generic]                 1089    1089 100.0% -lh0- cc1d May 28  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/Prefs.png
[generic]                 1576    1576 100.0% -lh0- dd75 Jun 10  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/943rs2.png
[generic]                 1755    1755 100.0% -lh0- 99e6 Jun  6  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/943rs2_.png
[generic]                 1036    1036 100.0% -lh0- 42e7 Jun 10  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/BerlinerRundfunk.png
[generic]                 1860    1860 100.0% -lh0- 3053 Dec  5  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/bigFM.png
[generic]                 1202    1202 100.0% -lh0- a865 Oct 21  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/ChartHits.png
[generic]                 1382    1382 100.0% -lh0- 1152 Apr  2  2019 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/DM247.png
[generic]                 1135    1135 100.0% -lh0- ca86 Jun 10  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/Fritz.png
[generic]                 1053    1053 100.0% -lh0- 0798 Nov 23  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/Hits4You.png
[generic]                 1691    1691 100.0% -lh0- 1304 Nov 23  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/ModFM.png
[generic]                 4105    4105 100.0% -lh0- bd34 Apr  5  2019 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/Nectarine.png
[generic]                 1106    1106 100.0% -lh0- dfb3 Aug 13  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/Radio1.png
[generic]                 1646    1646 100.0% -lh0- 0cd2 Jun  9  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/RadioParadiso.png
[generic]                 1757    1757 100.0% -lh0- 4f5f Dec  5  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/TopCharts.png
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Nov 23  2018 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/StationIcons/_32x20
[generic]                  530    1314  40.3% -lh5- 0f85 Apr  2  2020 WebRadio_sbar/SYS/Data/Screenbar/WebRadio/Stations_default.txt
[generic]                 6502   17226  37.7% -lh5- 4c1b Nov  1 22:00 WebRadio_sbar/WebRadio_sbar.readme
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 Total        23 files   94483  208268  45.4%            Nov  2 03:21

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