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Short:Protracker 3.15 (tracker)
Author:Cryptoburners, Raul Sobon and The Amiga Freelancers
Uploader:anonymous aminet net
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ProTracker V3.15

Note: Please do not replace this package since 3.15 is one of the most popular
versions of ProTracker, thank you.

ProTracker is a music composing program.

V3.15 (Nov 1993) - Bugfix version
	* Bugfixes

V3.14 BETA - DYN samples version

    * For the first time in Amiga history: Improved sound quality! Actual 14 bit
sound dynamics using a new and revolutionary algorithm. No additional add-ons
required, furthermore, no extra storage usage. Fully compatible with traditional
8-bit Amiga sounds.
    * Reads and converts Maestro MONO 16-bit samples.
    * Info requester when reading IFF samples.
    * The "BlankZero" now also blanks empty effect commands and the extended
command byte. 

V3.10 BETA (May 1993) - Amiga Format version

    * A new improved 7-note chord editor, recalculates loops.
    * Full compatibility with all existing OS versions including OS3.0
    * Better multitasking capabilities
    * New sample edit options, includes Invert, Maximize, NormalDC, Normalize.
    * Mouse controlled editing made possible.
    * Added real VU-meters.
    * New configurable options: - Screen positioning. - Lace on/off for genlock
users. - Multicached disk directories. 

V3.01 AM/FM release

    * Reads the devices mounted in the system instead of hardcoded ones.
    * "Free" gadget fixed.
    * Sample read/write fixed.
    * Now gets the directory automagically when one is entered in the
    * Fixed bug in chord editor. Sometimes caused division by zero.
    * Added adjust to chord editor; boosts the volume of the resulting sample to
fit the original sample.
    * Screen adjust gadget is now working. :)
    * Bug in runback fixed.
    * CIA allocation failures are now displayed.
    * Tools gadget removed.
    * Short keys for setup-items caused the switches to be displayed on the main
screen. Not anymore :)
    * Drumpad likewise.
    * Several smaller bugs fixed.
    * Added a gadget on the dirscreen for fast browsing through the file type
    * New icon on the out-of-memory requesters :o
    * Some new gadgets are working!
    * Minor graphical changes
    * Decimal numbers on samplelength and loops

V3.00 BETA (January 1993) - Hires version
	Made by Cryptoburners, and based upon V1.3, and does therefore not contain the
features of V1.8A - V2.3A.

    * PowerPacker support. Powerpacker.library must be present in the
"sys:libs/" directory. Version needed: 35.000 or higher. It is however
recommended that you have at least 1MB to use this feature with large modules.
    * Protracker rearranged to HIRES 640x256x3.
    * Format now works with dfx. Remember to specify which drive to format in
the "path" string-gadget.
    * Midi has been kicked out (temporarily?).
    * "SpectrumAnalyzer" has been kicked out.
    * Protracker now works on Kickstart 2.04 and higher (SCS/ECS).
    * Memory display now displays all memorytypes.
    * Improved input handler. PT will now live peacefully with Commodities. We
    * Invented new fileformat based on Interchanged File Format (IFF) chunks.
See docs elsewhere on this disk for a discussion of this format.
    * Hold record mode; waits for keypress before starting to record.
    * New filerequester.
    * Screen to back gadgets. You may also use Left Amiga + M/N.
    * Standalone playroutine supporting Finetune etc. Not fast though :(
    * Some speedups in the SampleEd. It was awfully slow at marking in HIRES!
    * Scroll bars added here and there (but not everywhere ;)
    * New pointer! The old one was simply too big for the new resolution.. :)
    * Setupscreen revised and merged into one.
    * Date and time online at mainscreen.
    * Task interferance problems fixed (Improved multitasking). No busy waits.
    * The dragging routine in the sampler draws pixels instead of lines when
    * Major rearranging on mainscreen; editor centered and some new buttons for
editing, such as cut/paste, up/down octave etc.
    * You may now click into the different tracks with the left mousebutton! :o
    * Audio.device channel allocation, to ensure that other programs doesn't
mess with your tunes in a multitasking environment.
    * Chords editor with up to 7 notes. (Hi JanneS :)
    * PT now hopefully works on KS3.0 in AGA mode too (Hi Vishnu).
    * The sampler works again! ;)
V2.3A, V2.2A, V2.1A, V2.0, V1.8 

	V3.00 BETA is based upon V1.3, and does therefore not contain any features from
V1.8 - V2.3A.


	V1.3A was accidentally released and contained many bugs.

    * Save module bugfix.
    * Not case sensitive on 'MOD.'
    * 'MOD.' bug when switching to and from modules dir.
    * Inputhandler bugs fixed.
    * Single Step forward and backward works properly.
    * The Sample function works with OS2.0
    * No hang when a R/W-error occurs in OS2.0
    * No crash when loading a non-module file.
    * MIDI In works as it should!!!
    * PT on Pseudo system screen (?)
    * [LEFT Amiga] M and [LEFT Amiga] N works within ProTracker.
    * Improved multitasking!
    * Screen Adjust (for A3000).
    * No slowmode necessary for turbo Amigas. Auto init of DMAWait.
    * System requesters ON/OFF function.
    * Finds volumes and diskdrives in filerequester.

V1.2C Parallel communication version

	Made by Raul Sobon. He did also make V1.2D, V1.2E and V1.2F.

    * Made real 8 channels possible through parallel communication between two

V1.2 (July 1991?) - Kickstart V2.0 version

	Information could not be obtained.

V1.1 BETA (August 1991) - Most known version.

    * Many major bugfixes.
    * Changed layout for quadrascope.
    * Load gadget no longer hangs the program when trying to load a file that
doesn't exist.
    * Better filehandling with error messages.
    * Repeat and replen check installed (Rel. A hanged when replen accidentally
got the value zero).
    * Repeat and replen were swapped when loading an IFF sample.
    * Only RepLen values in IFF samples were added in the preset-editor.
    * Tune memory wasn't always updated when editing samples.
    * Swap Buffer debugged.
    * The arpeggio sounded weird because the pitch wasn't set back at the right
    * Shift speeds up the scrolling in the PLST and preset-editor.

V1.1 ALPHA (December 1990) - Party release with bugs

    * Read input in a more system-friendly way.
    * Detached from CLI.
    * Loaded IFF samples correctly.
    * Used sprites to show loop in sampler.
    * Several directory paths in disk operations screen.
    * Protracker will now run if you have Kickstart 2.0 installed! (A500, A1000,
A2000, A3000 etc...)
    * Keyboard buffer. Wow!!! Now you can play really fast, and PT won't miss a
single key (...well, not as many as it used to before...).
    * The vertical blank interrupt no longer patches the vector itself, but uses
the AddIntServer function.
    * The playroutine creates it's own CIA or VBLANK interrupt, and it will not
be removed if a song is playing when you go to CLI/Workbench.
    * Improved "Out of memory" handling (hopefully no more gurus...).
    * Only the first 2 bytes of a sample will be zeroed (were the first 4).
    * Lots of new keyboard commands/shortcuts using the Alt key.
    * Vibrato depth changed to be compatible with NT2.0.
    * Funk Repeat changed to Invert Loop (may trash your samples though).
    * Play samples from the keypad (dot mode) when pressing backslash.
    * Quadrascope. Four channel oscilloscope that displays the samples in real-
time, even when playing from keyboard. The good old spectrum analyzer is still
there, just click on the scope to toggle.
    * Tempo gadget. Default is 125 BPM (normal vblank speed), but that can be
changed if you select CIA timing on Setup2. Range is 32-255 BPM, and can also be
changed with the 'F' effect command (speed/tempo).
    * Repeat and replen will be updated in the samples when you change them. You
no longer have to press a key to hear the new loop.
    * Protracker should now be able to show up to 10/16 megs of freemem.
    * Error messages when PLST or Config not found.
    * Click to enter position, pattern and length with the keyboard.
    * Choose RAW or IFF when saving samples.
    * Samples can be saved with IFF-loops.
    * Change path without reading directory.
    * All 30 characters in filename/directory stored (was 24).
    * Shows directories, just click to add directory to path.
    * Parent directory gadget.
    * One preset and several default paths for modules/songs/samples.
    * PT will now read an "unlimited" number of directory entries (was 200).
    * Two setup-screens.
    * Override: Load/save sample from samplepath even if there's a path in the
samplename. ST-37:bigbadbass with override will be loaded from DF0: (or
whatever) instead of ST-37:. You may want to put all your samples in one big
directory on your harddisk...
    * NoSamples: Will load a song without asking for the samples.
    * BlankZero: This will show the samplenumbers in the pattern in the same way
as Noisetracker 1.2 (Zeros are blanked out).
    * Show Dirs: If on, directories will be shown in Disk Op.
    * Show Publ: If on, PT will show all free Public memory, otherwise just free
Chip memory.
    * CutToBuff: If on, the part of the sample cut away in the sample editor
will be saved in the copybuffer.
    * Load Loop: Will load loops from an IFF file when loading a sample, or
adding a path in the sampleeditor.
    * Slow Mode: Use this toggle if you have a 25 Mhz A3000 where everything is
faster. Turning it on might help.
    * Set Default paths. * You can set the maximum number of presets (used to be
    * DMA wait. Use this on 25MHz Amigas (normally 300, use 900 on A3000).
    * Set tuning tone (note and volume).
    * Select CIA or VBlank timing.
    * Set default CIA tempo.
    * Spectrum Analyzer/VU-meter copper color editor!
    * Use Preset removed, inserted Delete Disk instead.
    * You can now save Finetune instead of Volume in the PLST.
    * ST-disk number changed to hex (ST-00> ST-FF)!
    * Adding samples with IFF-loops to the presetlist is possible.
    * Proper PLST allocation. Protracker will no longer allocate any memory if
there's no PLST.
    * ST-disk number changed to HEX. This means you can have up to $FF, or 255
ST-disks (used to be 99).
    * Sample Graphing like Audiomaster. With Show Range, Show All, Zoom Out,
Range All, etc...
    * Play either Waveform, Display or Range.
    * Repeat points are shown, and can be dragged around.
    * Loop on/off toggle.
    * A line shows current position when playing back a sample.
    * A sampler just like on NT2.0.
    * Resample function w/tuning tone.
    * Cut, Copy and Paste functions.
    * Cursor to beginning/end.
    * Swap current sample with copybuffer.
    * Transpose All bug removed.
    * Move changed to Copy (use this to copy samples too).
    * Upsample changed a tiny bit (allocation).
    * Most functions will now work with marked ranges

V1.0C (October 1990) - Bugfix version

    * Error in Finetune-table2 (note B-2)
    * Abort Load sometimes caused a guru!
    * Toneportamento (cmd 3) didn't work correctly with finetune.
    * PLST screen was one pixel off. * MIDI screen was removed.

V1.0 BETA (September 1990) - Bugfix version

    * PatternLoop (It always jumped to the start of the pattern, not the loop)
    * FineTune AND Glissando-Control were in the same command! (E3)
    * Fade Up / Down caused shit and even a few gurus!
    * Delete Pos inserted pattern 77 (!) at position 127 in the song, causing it
to be longer than 80k!
    * Filter All Samples was slow as hell because it tried to filter nonexistant
    * If you selected sample 0 from the keypad, it always played the last sample
played as sample 0!
    * A590 harddisk owners couldn't use the keyboard because of the way Mahoney
& Kaktus set up the keyboard interrupt (their NT1.1 routine was used).
    * Entering the help screen when in the midi screen fucked up the display.
    * Escaping from Mix exited from the whole edit op.!
    * CutBeg no longer fucks up the Sample length and Pos.
    * The help file was FULL of bugs / misspellings.

V1.0 ALPHA (August 1990) - First public release

	Many functions not operational in V0.89 were now implemented.

V0.89 BETA (May 1990) - Exclusively for Crusaders

	This is the first known release of ProTracker. It was based on SoundTracker
V2.5 by MnemoTroN and made by The Amiga Freelancers.

    * Retrig note, note delay, pattern delay and funk repeat didn't work.
    * inetune were introduced.
    * Online help. =")" 

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