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backtown.lha mods/casef89197K1999-07-31generic BACK IN TOWN mod by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
belkzza.lha mods/casef75697K1999-07-31generic BELKZZA Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
blownose.lha mods/casef75083K1999-07-31generic BLOW YOUR NOSE - Module by Case - (readme)
bluemoon.lha mods/casef83097K1999-07-31generic ONE IN A BLUES MOON - Module by Case - (readme)
brandnew.lha mods/casef74082K1999-07-31generic BRAND NEW BEND - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
BringMeBack.lha mods/casef68363K1994-08-07generic Slow mod by Filippetto **** - (readme)
Bring_Me_Back.lha mods/casef76258K1994-05-15generic Mod by Filippetto/Vega from Freedom Crack #9 - (readme)
browns.lha mods/casef73682K1999-07-31generic BROWN SUGAR -mod by Case - (readme)
charts.lha mods/casef80067K1999-07-31generic CHARTS TUNE by Case - (readme)
dontlook.lha mods/casef74697K1999-07-31generic DON'T LOOK HERE - by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
dub.lha mods/casef73455K1999-07-31generic DUB - Module by Case - (readme)
freefrom.lha mods/casef76523K1999-07-31generic FREE FROM YOU - by Filippetto - (readme)
frei.lha mods/casef73731K1999-07-31generic FREIZEIT REVUE - Module by Filippetto - (readme)
funkest.lha mods/casef75680K1999-07-31generic FUNKESTEIN Module by Case - (readme)
funkyday.lha mods/casef778163K1999-07-31generic ANOTHER FUNKY DAY - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
funkyou.lha mods/casef67962K1999-07-31generic FUNK YOU! - Module by Case - (readme)
happyso.lha mods/casef78356K1999-07-31generic THE HAPPY SONG - by Filippetto - (readme)
howdoyou.lha mods/casef720104K1999-07-31generic HOW DO YOU FEEL? - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
imposs.lha mods/casef68673K1999-07-31generic IMPOSSIBLE DREAM - Module by Filippetto - (readme)
Infatuation.lha mods/casef75173K1994-10-23generic Ads by Case 3:54 **** - (readme)
leavin.lha mods/casef70928K1999-07-31generic LEAVING THE SCENE (NOT!) - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
Macrocosm.lha mods/casef746109K1993-03-02generic Demosound by Filippetto 4:10 ****+ - (readme)
maddism.lha mods/casef74193K1999-07-31generic MADDISM - Module by Case (DJ MAD?) - (readme)
medley.lha mods/casef76895K1999-07-31generic MEDLEY used in the Freedom Crack mag - by Case/Zenith - (readme)
modmach.lha mods/casef76380K1999-07-31generic MODERN MACHINERY - Filippetto - (readme)
mrgomez.lha mods/casef77250K1999-07-31generic MR.GOMEZ - by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
nexttime.lha mods/casef723153K1999-07-31generic NEXT TIME - Module by Filippetto - (readme)
noname.lha mods/casef76977K1999-07-31generic NO NAME - Module by Case - (readme)
Pbcfhivshfacyt.lha mods/casef71488K1994-05-15generic Mod by Filippetto/Zenith from Freedom Crack #10 - (readme)
peppino.lha mods/casef85284K1999-07-31generic PEPPINO - Techno Module by Case - (readme)
pickpock.lha mods/casef777100K1999-07-31generic PICKED POCKETS - Module by Case - (readme)
recfeels.lha mods/casef70468K1999-07-31generic RECORDED FEELINGS - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
reminds.lha mods/casef74658K1999-07-31generic CARELESS REMINDS - Module by Case - (readme)
roberto.lha mods/casef69725K1999-07-31generic ROBERTO - Module by Filippetto - (readme)
rollball.lha mods/casef77367K1999-07-31generic ROLLERBALL - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
smallwor.lha mods/casef70060K1999-07-31generic SMALL WORLD - Module by Filippetto - (readme)
stonelov.lha mods/casef70848K1999-07-31generic STOLE LOVE - Module by Filippetto - (readme)
stormy.lha mods/casef73264K1999-07-31generic STORMY AND CLEVER - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
StormyAndCleve.lha mods/casef74865K1994-05-15generic Mod by Filippetto/Zenith from "Zentro #4" - (readme)
suspect.lha mods/casef70624K1999-07-31generic SUSPECT- by Filippetto - (readme)
thedeal.lha mods/casef75069K1999-07-31generic THE DEAL - Module by Case - (readme)
titti.lha mods/casef769102K1999-07-31generic TITTI WANTS TO DANCE - Module by Case and Filippetto - (readme)
today.lha mods/casef70184K1999-07-31generic TODAY AND FOREVER - Module by Filippetto - (readme)
vibratio.lha mods/casef720127K1999-07-31generic VIBRATIONS by Case and Filippetto - First Prize at SEMI 1993 - (readme)
wildwave.lha mods/casef73032K1999-07-31generic WILD WAVE - techno mod by Case - (readme)
xmas93.lha mods/casef76474K1999-07-31generic X-MAS 1993 ... latin-funk module by Case - (readme)
Found 46 matching package(s):

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