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Short:Some tools for optimizing SFS file systems
Author:peoyli at (P-O Yliniemi)
Uploader:peoyli algonet se (P-O Yliniemi)
Requires:SFS 1.84 (
Architecture:m68k-amigaos; ppc-powerup
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This is two tools I wrote, mainly for use with the SFS file system by
John Hendrikx.

The archive also contains a modified version of SFSdefragmentGUI, which
opens a much smaller, inactive window, and exits when it's done defragmenting.

To use these scripts, put every SFS command inside a 'SFS' directory in c:
(SFSCheck and this version of SFSdefragmentGUI is the ones really needed).

Also, put SFSTool and SFSOptimize inside this directory.

--- SFSTool ---

This script acts like a front-end for the SFSCheck and SFSdefragmentGUI
commands. It can be used to empty the .recycled directory, create a file
list for the partition, check and defragment the file system.

Every function of the script is optional, so you can have it do exactly
nothing for you if you wish to (but I guess that's not a good reason for
downloading it).


  DEVICE      - Device to perform the actions on (required)

  CLEAN       - Remove the files in the .recycled directory
  NOCHECK     - Do not run SFSCheck on the device
  NODEFRAG    - Do not run SFSDefragmentGUI on the device

  LIST        - Generate a list of all the files and store as :.filelist

Default action is to check and defragment the partition.

For best performance, this command uses the GeekGadgets 'find' command to
create the file list, but it falls back on using 'list' if you do not have

--- SFSOptimize ---

This script optimizes the file system to make finding the icons faster,
otherwise it does about the same thing as the SFSTool script.

This script requires 'find', 'tar' and 'sh' that comes with the
GeekGadgets distribution.


  DEVICE      - Device to perform the actions on (required)

  LIST        - Generate a list of all the files and store as :.filelist
  ICONDIR     - Temporary location for icons, will otherwise be the work drive

Optimization is done by archiving together all the icons on the partition
(using a 'find' and 'tar' combination). When the archiving is complete,
the archive created is moved to the destination drive (or the directory
specified by the ICONDIR keyword).

All the icons on the partition is then deleted, and the .recycled directory
is wiped out. After this comes the first defragmentation of the drive, followed
by putting back the icons on the drive and then defragmenting again.

WARNING: If something goes wrong, or if you interrupt the whole process, you
will have no icons on the drive, but you will be able to find the 'icons.tar'
file in the drive's root directory, or in the location you specified.

To extract the icons into place again, change to the root directory of the drive
and enter

tar xf [full path to icons archive]icons.tar

It should work, but it's not my fault if it doesn't.

This command can also generate a file list, like SFSTool. The list is generated
after the .recycled directory has been wiped out for the first time.

--- SFSDoAll ---

A sample script on how to do everything specified on the command line on all
the drives. Modify as needed to suit your device names. Only for SFSTool.

--- History ---
22-Dec-2000: Added a PPC version of SFSdefragmentGUI. I really don't know if
             it is faster, but it is an PPC version anyway. The IDE disks will,
             no matter what I do, eat up all the 68k CPU time anyway.

21-Dec-2000: First Aminet release


Other programs by me (first 'real' page update since 1996, so check it out!):


Contents of disk/optim/SFSTools.lha
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[generic]                 7598   12428  61.1% -lh5- 54e0 Dec 21  2000 SFSTools/SFSdefragmentGUI
[generic]                 3958   15303  25.9% -lh5- fcc2 Dec 21  2000 SFSTools/SFSdefragmentGUI.c
[generic]                18361   41964  43.8% -lh5- c0c1 Dec 22  2000 SFSTools/SFSdefragmentGUI_PPC
[generic]                  351    1174  29.9% -lh5- 845e Dec 21  2000 SFSTools/SFSDoAll
[generic]                 1436    3872  37.1% -lh5- 26a1 Dec 21  2000 SFSTools/SFSOptimize
[generic]                  987    2114  46.7% -lh5- 414f Dec 21  2000 SFSTools/SFSTool
[generic]                 1687    3797  44.4% -lh5- 6791 Dec 22  2000 SFSTools/SFSTools.readme
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 Total         7 files   34378   80652  42.6%            Dec 25  2000

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