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Short:Image processing program v2.3.0 Part 2 of 2
Author:Andy Dean and Graham Dean
Uploader:adean eleceng ucl ac uk
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   This document applies to version v2.3.0 of ImageStudio which is
Copyright (C) 1994,1995 Andy Dean and Graham Dean.

Important Points
	o       The Aminet distribution of ImageStudio comes in two
		archives named "ImageStudio_1.lha" and
		"ImageStudio_2.lha". Both archives are needed for a
		full installation, although "ImageStudio_2.lha"
		currently only contains the documentation and
		example pictures.

	o       "ImageStudio_1.lha" should be unarchived onto a FFS
		floppy disk named "ImageStudio_1" and similarly for
		the "ImageStudio_2.lha" file in order for the install
		script to work correctly.

	o       Registered users of v1.x.x of ImageStudio can upgrade
		to a fully functional version 2.3.x from this

New for v2.3.0

	o       Added CyberGraphX support for viewers and program

	o       Changed distribution method - the program is no
		longer available directly from the authors and now
		comes with a printed manual.

	o       Few minor improvements and bug fixes.

Brief description
   ImageStudio is written for the casual graphics user who wishes to
convert or manipulate various graphics formats on a modest Amiga
system. There are several commercial offerings available, however the
casual user is paying a lot of money for many facilities and options
they would probably never use.

   Bitmap graphics, by their nature, usually require large amounts of
RAM. One of the main objectives of ImageStudio was to reduce this
burden by utilising virtual memory - most users have more spare hard
disk space than spare RAM.

   ImageStudio works with several buffers at any one time (dependant on
how many levels of undo are specified), each of these buffers can hold
either colour-mapped or 24-bit images.

   ImageStudio comes with a fully featured ARexx port, which allows the
writing of macro scripts to automate repetative processes and also
allows communication with other ARexx aware programs. Again, ARexx has
the reputation of being "something pretty difficult", so we've
simplified the use of ARexx in ImageStudio by allowing the user to
create, edit and run scripts entirely within ImageStudio - ImageStudio
even provides a blank template as a starting point for each new script.

Machine requirements

   ImageStudio requires the following system to run:

   * Workbench 2.04 or above.

   * Around 1 megabyte of free memory.

   * Several megabytes of free hard disk space.

   If ImageStudio is run on an AGA machine (A1200 or A4000), it will
use the new display modes and palette routines to improve the quality
of the internal viewer images.

List of features
   * Full 24-bit image buffers, with optimizations for colour-mapped
     (palette based) images.
   * Up to 100 levels of undo / redo.
   * User configurable virtual memory.
   * Fully font sensitive interface.
   * Fully featured, easy to use, ARexx interface.
   * Full CyberGraphX support for viewers and preview.
   * Operations applicable to the whole image or a selected region.
   * Up to 256 greyshade or colour preview window (with optional dither).
   * Zoom on preview window.
   * Internal / external viewers (external for third party 24-bit
     graphics cards).
   * Loading / saving / manipulating of AGA image formats (e.g. 256
     colours, HAM8) on non-AGA machines.
   * Max image size of 32000 x 32000 (cropped to 512 x 512 in the
     unregistered version).
   * Copy / paste to / from the system clipboard.
   * Runs on all Workbench 2.04+ Amiga's - utilises AGA chipset if
   * Online AmigaGuide help, as well as ASCII, TeX `.dvi' and
     PostScript documentation.
   * Printed and illustrated manual available separately.
   * Multi-level help error requesters.
   * Standard Workbench2 interface.
   * Public screen.
   * Requires no third party libraries or utilities.
   * Comes with printed and illustrated manual.

   * IFF-ILBM formats (Standard palette based, HAM6, HAM8, extra
     halfbright, ILBM24)
   * BMP
   * Datatype
   * GIF (conforming to GIF87a and GIF89a)
   * JPEG (conforming to JFIF standard)
   * PCX
   * PNM (PBM, PGM, PPM)
   * QRT (DKB, POV)
   * SGI
   * Targa
   * TIFF
   * VMEM

   * IFF-ILBM formats (Standard palette based, HAM6, HAM8, extra
     halfbright, ILBM24)
   * BMP
   * EPS
   * GIF (conforming to GIF87a and GIF89a including transparent colour)
   * JPEG (conforming to JFIF standard)
   * PCX
   * PNM (PBM, PGM, PPM)
   * QRT (DKB, POV)
   * SGI
   * Targa
   * TIFF
   * VMEM

   Colour Balance:
   * All operations are available to the R,G,B components separately.
   * Brightness (0% to ±00%)
   * Contrast (non to full)
   * Gamma ( + and - )

   * Many supplied convolution filters.
   * User definable convolutions, load and save to disk.

   * Built in effects: Dynamic range expansion, FlipX, FlipY, RollX,
     RollY, Negative, Greyscale, Highlight, Shadow, Random, Pixelize,
     Remove isolated pixels.

   * Crop to selected region.
   * Increase / decrease scale by percentage or absolute image size.
   * Simple scale or colour averaged.

   Colour reduction:
   * Increase colour mapped images to 24-bit.
   * Decrease number of colours in 24-bit or colour mapped images via
     Heckbert median cut algorithm.
   * Dithers available for colour reduction: None, Floyd-Steinberg,
     Burkes, Stucki, Sierra, Jarvis, Stevenson-Arce.

   * Edit palette colours and ranges.
   * Save current palette.
   * Force palette onto current image, dithering if necessary (all
     dithers available).

Shareware version

   To encourage users to register, the freely distributable version of
ImageStudio will crop pictures to 512x512 pixels. All other operations
are available.

The authors

   ImageStudio is written by Andy Dean and Graham Dean.

   The program is available from:

     LH Publishing
     13 Gairlock Avenue
     MK2 3DH

   and is priced at 15UK pounds or 30US dollars.

   Order queries can be sent to the above address or Emailed to:

     larry at

   Andy can be reached for queries (no orders) via Email at:

     adean at

   (this address may change after September 1995)

   Graham can be reached for queries (no orders) via Email at:

     ELA95GND at

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