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Short:The unique PostIt commodity. Just get better!
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BlocNotes  it's a WB commodity that permits to take notes at every
moments.  When you hit a custom hotkey it opens a window:  in that
window you can insert as much text as you want.  All the text will
be  stored,  together with a description of the window, in a file,
so,  at  startup,  all  the  previously  opened  windows  will  be
reopened, each one with its text.

You can make a window attached to a particular public screen.  The
program  waits til this screen is opened and then show the note in
it.   When  the  screen is closed, the note is hided to permit the

It's  possible to open a great number of windows(in theory there's
no  limit  but Intuition can't look at too much windows together).
For  each  window  you can set the textfont, the size and position
and some other stuffs(as GADGETLESS or EDITABLE).  You can set for
each thing a default value.

It supports completely  the clipboard, so you can copy text from a
shell  to  a  note-window  or  viceversa.   You can also import or
export files.  All the windows can be closed or completely deleted
with a simple command.

Every  window has simple editing function  and  text scrolling, so
it's not necessary to size the window at its max dimensions.

It's harder to explain than to use it...SO TRY IT!

   Features summary:

   *Infinite number of windows
   *Supports a different font for each window
   *Supports clipboard
   *Saves text to a file and insert text from a file
   *Has a graphics interface to change tooltypes.
   *Support of locale. Italian and english catalogs.
   *System to mark blocks with mouse, like the shell.
   *Imports automatically an extern file at startup.
   *Opens a window and imports a file exactly at the moment the file
    is copied to the directory choosen(NOTIFY).
   *The backs of the windows are yellow(now is a real PostIt sheet).
   *You can move or size gadgetless windows with special keys.
   *Windows can be fixed to a particular public screen.
   *Windows are AppWindows, auto-import files.
   *Complete AREXX interfaces. You can control every aspect of the
    program through arexx scripts.
   *Arexx script to make scrolling text on wb. How about a
    "Welcome on amiga system" at startup?
   *Complete support to screennotify.library.

                   New in version 3.9:

   *Ability to define a startup script

   *Startup script to show notes on particular dates.

   *Made the GUI font-sensitive (I don't remember how many people ask me
                                 for this;)

   *Fixed some minor bugs.

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[generic]                 1150    2430  47.3% -lh5- 4483 May 23  1996 BlocNotes/catalogs/italiano/blocnotes.catalog
[generic]                 1187    1595  74.4% -lh5- dc9d May 23  1996 BlocNotes/
[generic]                 1456    2608  55.8% -lh5- e0cd May 23  1996 BlocNotes/libs/screennotify.library
[generic]                  182     284  64.1% -lh5- 505b May 23  1996 BlocNotes/Note2WB.rexx
[generic]                  257     408  63.0% -lh5- 14d3 May 23  1996 BlocNotes/OnDateStartup.rexx
[generic]                 1301    2874  45.3% -lh5- e878 May 23  1996 BlocNotes/OpenNote.pvrx
[generic]                  518     919  56.4% -lh5- b187 May 23  1996 BlocNotes/PrepMail.rexx
[generic]                  778    1706  45.6% -lh5- 84b3 May 23  1996 BlocNotes/scroller.rexx
[generic]                  425     858  49.5% -lh5- cc45 May 23  1996 BlocNotes/SendMail.rexx
[generic]                  231     408  56.6% -lh5- ccc5 May 23  1996 BlocNotes/shownote.rexx
[generic]                  623    2810  22.2% -lh5- b717 May 23  1996
[generic]                 1928    5921  32.6% -lh5- 656f May 23  1996 BlocNotes/Install
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