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Short:V2.16 AmigaDos Version replacement.
Author:hakan at (Håkan Parting)
Uploader:hakan parting nu (Håkan Parting)
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VersionWB is a replacement for the usual AmigaDos Version command,
which also may check the version of packed files by utilizing
the XfdMaster.library if available.

If you want the version information to be presented in
a requester, this program is for you. Instead of
like c:version just tell the version and revision number
by default, VersionWB always tells you all it could find.

VersionWB have these features:

* It will bring up a requester with the version information.

* It support several files in the command line parameter template.

* You can shift-doubleclick an icon with VersionWB and
  then get all that version stuff.

* You may also pick the file you want to know the version number of
  by using a file requester.

* It will find version strings in WB1.3 libraries and devices,
  c:version does not, e.g. narrator.device.

* If you use it with ToolManager you can have an appicon in
  your Workbench. Drop the icon on the appicon, and the
  version information will be presented (if the file contains a
  version string :-)

* It also has an optional text output.

* It recognizes any packed file (uses xfdmaster.library).

* All other features of AmigaDos Version, as far as I know 8-), except for the
bugs :)

* Can be opened on a publicscreen

* Can set the filenote of files to there versioninfo.

* Can set the filedate to the one found in the version string

* Finds files in your shell-path

Recent changes:

V.2.16 (17.03.2001) PUBLIC UPDATE
NEW: If character with ascii code 1 to 9 is found within a found $VER: string
then the string is not concidered valid, because there's a risk that it's just
garbage in a crunched file. The Cookie_Killer's files for AWeb have a ascii code
1 just after the $VER: for some obscure reason. The original c:version doesn't
care about this character.
So if you had replaced the c:version with VersionWB 2.13+ your Cookie-files were
destroyed by Cookie_Killer. Now one such character is allowed, to make it
compatible with Cookie Killer. Gregg Sawyer told me about the problem.
NEW: Added argument NONEW. Use it with Dopus or another file handler where the
New- button has no use.
Suggested by Efim Shuvikov.
NEW: The New-button is now positioned between the "Ok" and "Cancel"-buttons with
multi selection.
BUGFIX: Text after a newline character was parsed as misc-info.  at author
information from a guide should not be added to the misc-section if LIKECVER is
used, because the original c:version doesn't.
BUGFIX: Increased the stack size to 8000.

V.2.15 (30.04.2000) PUBLIC UPDATE
BUGFIX: Referenced illegal memory location on some system configurations every
time VersionWB was run since v.2.13, causing crashes on these machines. This
probably only happen if many romtag modules were installed.
Thanks to Jens Langner for the report!

This program is Gift-Ware.
Version 2.15 (30.04.2000)
Copyright 1994-2000 Håkan Parting

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[generic]                 1125    3010  37.4% -lh5- ef3d Dec  5  1999 VersionWB/dopusscript/VersionComp.dopus5
[generic]                 1264    2733  46.2% -lh5- 643f Feb 16  1997 VersionWB/dopusscript/VersionCopy.dopus
[generic]                13202   32840  40.2% -lh5- c53b Mar 18  2001 VersionWB/VersionWB
[generic]                15983   42582  37.5% -lh5- 7662 Mar 18  2001 VersionWB/
[generic]                 1122    4349  25.8% -lh5- 9028 Nov 27  1999 VersionWB/
[generic]                 2054    2807  73.2% -lh5- 9c00 Nov 27  1999 VersionWB/
[generic]                 1512    3106  48.7% -lh5- eed7 Mar 18  2001 VersionWB/VersionWB2_16.readme
[generic]                 1123    4349  25.8% -lh5- ffe2 Nov 27  1999 VersionWB/
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