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Short:TCP/IP clipboard exchange (Amiga/Win32)
Author:kas1e at
Uploader:kas1e yandex ru
Architecture:m68k-amigaos; i386-aros; other
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Clipo v0.1beta by kas1e.[2004-2009]

This programm was started in 2004 as a way to help me work with 2 computers at
time (amiga1200/os3.9 + winxp), and with winuae + winxp. After maturing for 4
years I have ported it to AROS
and other oses. Hope it will be usefull for developers and end users.

Clipo is a tool that works over tcp/ip and allows users to send and receive
clipboard data between the follwing OSes

Aos3.x (tested on 3.9bb2)
Aos4.x (tested on 4.1, looks like a bit buggy and need to make native ones)
Morphos (tested on 2.3beta)
Aros-i386 (tested on latest aros)
Windows (mainly tested on winxp, but should work with any win32 system).
WinUAE,Amithlon,UAE,etc with aos3.x binary.

Binary for all OSes are resident, and use hardcoded hotkeys to send clipboard
data (alt+s)


1. Execute AROS binary (and set which local and remote ip/ports will be used).
2. Execute WinXP binary (and set which local and remote ip/ports will be used).

When you have something in your WinXP clipboard, you just press "alt+s", and
this data (already reformatted)
will copy into the Aros clipboard. And in reverse, if you have something in the
Aros clipboard, you can press "alt+s", and data will pass to the WinXP

It can be used beetween any 2 of the supported platforms, either 2 instances of
the same OS, or a combination platforms,
like aos3/winxp, aos4/morphos, winxp/aros, aros/aros and so on.

You only need a working tcp/ip stack. Clipo works with bsdsocket stuff like:

Usage is easy. For WinXP you have "clipo.ini" Where you setup ips and ports. For
other oses, the syntax is:

shell:> clipo --clip_loop <aos_ip> 100 <morphos_ip> 100

or if you want to run it in the backgorund only (placed in C: and run from
User-Startup or similar):

run <>NIL: clipo --clip_loop <aos_ip> 100 <morphos_ip> 100

--clip_loop is the main argument which is used right now.

Other Clipo arguements:

9/0.WinDH_C:clipo/aos3.x> clipo --help

syntax: [options] local_ip port <remote_ip> <port> <filename>


--clip_recv recieve data to clipboard immediately
--clip_send send data from clipboard immediately
--clip_loop send/recieve data to/from clip in loop
--data_recv recieve data to file
--data_send send file
--info some info


Some functions at moment are unstable and unoptimised, but --clip_loop works and
has been widely tested.

Hotkeys for every OS:

alt+s - send data
alt+q - unload clipo (exit)

Still to be implemented:

1. support unix clipboards 
2. add options for your own hotkeys (to allow use with RDesktop for example)
3. character conversion (to make possible transfer language specific stuff)
4. tested and fix other argvs (which is easy, but not so usable)
5. make os4 binary native, becouse emulation looks like not perfect (but works)

If you have any suggestion, questions or bug reports, then write to me at
kas1e at

Contents of util/sys/
Archive:  /home/aminet/aminet_root/doc//util/sys/
 Length   Method    Size  Ratio   Date   Time   CRC-32    Name
--------  ------  ------- -----   ----   ----   ------    ----
       0  Stored        0   0%  01-28-09 17:05  00000000  clipo_v0.1beta/
       0  Stored        0   0%  01-28-09 17:05  00000000  clipo_v0.1beta/aos3.x/
   21060  Defl:X    12030  43%  01-28-09 16:54  311a269d  clipo_v0.1beta/aos3.x/clipo
       0  Stored        0   0%  01-28-09 17:05  00000000  clipo_v0.1beta/aos4.x/
   21060  Defl:X    12030  43%  01-28-09 16:54  311a269d  clipo_v0.1beta/aos4.x/clipo
       0  Stored        0   0%  01-28-09 16:33  00000000  clipo_v0.1beta/aros/
   41791  Defl:X    13903  67%  01-28-09 17:03  e9c6125a  clipo_v0.1beta/aros/clipo
       0  Stored        0   0%  01-28-09 17:05  00000000  clipo_v0.1beta/morphos/
   21060  Defl:X    12030  43%  01-28-09 16:54  311a269d  clipo_v0.1beta/morphos/clipo
    3030  Defl:X     1443  52%  01-28-09 20:39  b825963a  clipo_v0.1beta/readme.txt
       0  Stored        0   0%  01-28-09 16:38  00000000  clipo_v0.1beta/win32/
   34816  Defl:X    33058   5%  01-25-09 17:24  c7c5bc12  clipo_v0.1beta/win32/clipo.exe
      97  Defl:X       58  40%  01-28-09 17:07  2c3ae964  clipo_v0.1beta/win32/clipo.ini
  123253  Defl:X   109056  12%  01-28-09 16:58  9a982db0  clipo_v0.1beta/00-aros_to_aos3.jpg
   74875  Defl:X    48600  35%  01-28-09 16:38  0d505809  clipo_v0.1beta/01-winxp_to_aros.jpg
  165531  Defl:X   118751  28%  01-28-09 20:20  331fa570  clipo_v0.1beta/02-os4_to_os4.jpg
--------          -------  ---                            -------
  506573           360959  29%                            16 files

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