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2newicons.lha pix/nicon14386K1996-01-24generic 2 nice newicons for Blitz&Interplay - (readme)
ADT_icons.lhaV1.0pix/nicon1605160K2002-05-26generic Various Newicons - (readme)
AESicons.lha pix/nicon180782K1995-05-24generic 80 More NewIcon images! - (readme)
AESicons10.lha pix/nicon2322174K1998-03-18generic 160 NewIcons! CrossMac, AHI, Miami, more! - (readme)
AESicons2.lha pix/nicon175068K1995-06-07generic 60 More NewIcon Images! Net,games,utils.. - (readme)
AESicons3.lha pix/nicon169962K1995-06-27generic Yet More NewIcon Images!Locale,ParNet,more.. - (readme)
AESicons4.lha pix/nicon2103105K1995-07-25generic 100 NewIcons! DOpus,new flags,Sabot,more - (readme)
AESicons5.lha pix/nicon1985107K1995-10-10generic 100+ NewIcons:Docks, Executive, Gloom, more - (readme)
AESicons6.lha pix/nicon203191K1995-12-05generic 80 NewIcons: AB3D,IBrowse,ZIPDrive,more! - (readme)
AESicons7.lha pix/nicon1703151K1996-03-14generic 140 NewIcon Imagedrawers! - (readme)
AESicons8.lha pix/nicon2035205K1996-05-18generic 170+ NewIcons! TM Docks, Browsers, more! - (readme)
AESicons9.lha pix/nicon2172260K1996-11-20generic 300 NewIcons! Imagefolders, Docks, lots more. - (readme)
AF-MX-700-icon.lha pix/nicon12319K1999-05-31generic FujiFilm MX-700 newicon *nice!* - (readme)
alienni1.lha pix/nicon1541266K1999-09-22generic Cool + Useful Misc NewIcons (NI4 format) - (readme)
AlienNI2.lha pix/nicon1346163K1999-12-12generic Cool and Useful Misc NewIcons vol.2! - (readme)
amipal-mi.lha0.1pix/nicon13021.3M2006-01-02generic amipals music icons - (readme)
AndysNewIcons.lha pix/nicon128510K1998-11-23generic A few NewIcons by Andy Kavanagh - (readme)
APEntIcons.lha pix/nicon123433K1998-07-11generic Cartoon character icons for NewIcons v4+ - (readme)
Aquaricon.lha2.1pix/nicon1249204K1999-02-05generic 32color NIcons with screen palette control. - (readme)
Archaeologicon.lha1.00pix/nicon1253178K1998-04-03generic Arch ological/Cultural Artifacts (100+) - (readme)
Arthropodicons.lha1.10pix/nicon1315157K1997-11-11generic Insects, spiders, & more! needs NewIcons - (readme)
AshIcons.lha pix/nicon1622195K2007-10-07generic Newicons, same AES style - (readme)
BarIcons.lha pix/nicon13295K1998-09-16generic AmiLogo NewIcons - but look like MWB :-) - (readme)
Baticons.lha pix/nicon1214154K1999-02-10generic Suberb Newicons inspired in BatMAN the series - (readme)
BCIcons.lha pix/nicon130436K1995-12-26generic Small Newicons package (Executive + more).. - (readme)
BeIcons_2.lha pix/nicon1353261K1997-05-08generic BeBox style NewIcons for your WB. - (readme)
BetaScanNIcons.lhan/apix/nicon12732K1999-02-02generic 2 HP scanner NewIcons for BetaScan - (readme)
BuggsIcons.lha pix/nicon128472K1996-11-28generic Some Icons in NewIcons Format - (readme)
c64Hero.lhaV1.0pix/nicon1435243K2003-01-16generic 35 cool new icons [by cYbo] - (readme)
CFouGameNewIco.lha pix/nicon14621.5M2001-10-24generic DOpus Images NewIcons by C-Fou! - (readme)
CurtsNIcons.lha pix/nicon125331K1997-12-14generic Various NewIcons - (readme)
dgicon.lha pix/nicon12942K1997-04-14generic NewIcon for the DunGen program - (readme)
DO5NewIcons.lha pix/nicon1392114K1995-08-07generic NewIcon-style buttons for DOpus5, try it! - (readme)
DocIcons.lha pix/nicon126722K1999-09-03generic PageStream and Source Code Icons (Glow Style) - (readme)
DOpusProgs.lha pix/nicon129221K1997-10-28generic DOpus Program NewIcons by Dr_Ash - (readme)
DOpusTBar.lha pix/nicon126463K1997-10-28generic DOpus ToolBar NewIcons by Dr_Ash - (readme)
DO_NIcons.lha3pix/nicon129974K1997-05-28generic NewIcons for DOpus (v5.x). Update 3 (97/05/27) - (readme)
Egypticons.lha1.0pix/nicon120416K1997-11-25generic Egyptian artifacts - (readme)
Exoticons.lha pix/nicon14745.1M2000-05-19generic 942 NewIcons for games v0.01 :) - (readme)
FabiusNIDocs.lha pix/nicon128796K1997-07-28generic New Icons docs for ToolManager or Dopus5x - (readme)
FabiusNIDocs2.lha pix/nicon1273160K1998-01-02generic New Icons docs, Doom, Quake, QuickTime - (readme)
FF9_icons.lha pix/nicon122229K2001-07-16generic Great set of FF9 Newicons - (readme)
frank_newicons.lha1.0pix/nicon1520485K2010-11-29generic Frank NewIcons - (readme)
FTypeICONS.lha pix/nicon127239K1999-02-01generic Nice collection of filetype icons - NewIcons - (readme)
gamedrw.lzh pix/nicon154326K1997-09-07generic 20 NewIcons drawers for many games - (readme)
GameNIcons-pre.jpg pix/nicon820127K1999-05-26generic Jaybee's home-made NewIcons for HD-installed games [PREVIEW] - (readme)
GameNIcons.lha pix/nicon1350220K1999-05-26generic Jaybee's home-made NewIcons for HD-installed games - (readme)
GameNIcons2-pr.jpg pix/nicon69537K1999-10-14generic More of Jaybee's NewIcons for HD-Installed games [PREVIEW] - (readme)
GameNIcons2.lha pix/nicon138149K1999-10-14generic More of Jaybee's NewIcons for HD-Installed games - (readme)
GamesIcons1.lha1pix/nicon1366443K2001-06-07generic OS 3.5 color icons for games - (readme)
Found 162 matching package(s):
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