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Ahost.lha0.9comm/term290825K1987-10-24m68k-amigaos Amiga ANSI terminal emulator. V0.9 - (readme)
AmicTerm.lha0.50bcomm/term270561K1987-06-30m68k-amigaos New terminal program like "comm". V0.50b - (readme)
AmigaDisplay.lha comm/term268832K1987-04-08m68k-amigaos Terminal emulator based on AmigaTerm. - (readme)
amigarip.lzh comm/term2679144K1994-06-16m68k-amigaos Amiga Rip Term. Req 2.0+. - (readme)
amigaterm.lha comm/term302218K1987-12-25m68k-amigaos Terminal emulation program with xmodem. - (readme)
amigaterm_enh.lha1.1comm/term159523K2018-10-09m68k-amigaos enhanced 1985 ANSI Terminal with xmodem - (readme)
AmiTEL310.lha comm/term2530248K1997-09-17m68k-amigaos Amitel - Minitel & Prestel Emulator v3.10 - (readme)
AmTerm11.lha comm/term3062130K1997-02-06m68k-amigaos AmTerm - Fast ANSI/VT100/TTY terminal, uses MUI - (readme)
AmTermPL.lha comm/term25043K1997-03-01m68k-amigaos AmTerm - PL version by WFMH LocalePL - (readme)
AmTGr.lha comm/term252022K1999-06-20m68k-amigaos Unofficial greek translations for AmTerm & AmTelnet - (readme)
ArgoTerm.lha0.20comm/term254118K1987-02-23m68k-amigaos A terminal emulator pgm in assembly. V0.20 - (readme)
AutocallTerm.lha comm/term25046K1995-04-12m68k-amigaos Automatic dialup for TERM - (readme)
autoid11.lha comm/term2472100K1995-08-25m68k-amigaos AutoID-Checks files and IDs as they are d/l'ed - (readme)
AZComm.lha1.00comm/term277236K1988-11-22m68k-amigaos Modified version of comm with Zmodem. V1.00 - (readme)
BoardList.lha comm/term25622K1996-11-17m68k-amigaos Ncomm phonebook content lister - (readme)
cgterm.lha1.7b2comm/term29841.7M2005-06-01ppc-amigaos CGTerm 1.7b2/OS4 - an SDL Telnet BBS C/G terminal - (readme)
cterm.lzh comm/term232727K1992-09-06m68k-amigaos Dialer demon to scan phone numbers - (readme)
Dg210.lha comm/term230623K1987-10-24m68k-amigaos Data General D-210 terminal emulator. - (readme)
DisTerm.lha comm/term223145K1991-03-08m68k-amigaos Comm pgm with autodial/phone-dir/macros - (readme)
dreamterm150.lha1.50comm/term2549295K1996-04-28m68k-amigaos Terminal program - (readme)
DTerm.lha1.10comm/term246927K1987-04-28m68k-amigaos Small, flexible, terminal program. V1.10 - (readme)
Handshake.lha2.20ccomm/term249996K1991-02-02m68k-amigaos VT52/VT100/VT102/VT220 term emul. V2.20c - (readme)
hft38557.lha comm/term216811K1995-04-12m68k-amigaos Wow! It's a new realease of HFT! - (readme)
hydra.lha comm/term2265150K1997-02-25m68k-amigaos V1.0r9, Bidirectional file transfer protocol - (readme)
hydracom.lha comm/term2243150K1995-08-17m68k-amigaos Bidirectional file xfer protocol, v1.0r6 - (readme)
HydraRexx.lha comm/term22422K1994-10-10m68k-amigaos Arexx-Script for using Hydracom with Term - (readme)
jptc.lha comm/term226162K1994-02-01m68k-amigaos BETA new 2.0 only terminal program - (readme)
kermit188.lzh comm/term2586223K1993-04-29m68k-amigaos Amiga Kermit, based on Kermit 5A(188). - (readme)
MEAGORComm.lha1.01 beta F...comm/term2274338K1996-12-10m68k-amigaos MultiMedia Terminal Program FULLY FIXED! - (readme)
meshugena_1.0.lzh comm/term232757K1993-02-05m68k-amigaos A **VT220 terminal emulator - (readme)
MHydra19.lha comm/term220159K1995-06-08m68k-amigaos The best HydraCom for Amiga w. MUI! - (readme)
MicroTerm.lha0.1comm/term232410K1990-03-05m68k-amigaos Very small and very simple terminal pgm. V0.1 - (readme)
MoreBoredem.lha comm/term216336K1996-09-04m68k-amigaos Exchange UUenc files and chat over null-modem cable - (readme)
Mta_demo.lha comm/term2197171K1995-02-03m68k-amigaos Demo of the BEST Amy Videotext Terminal - (readme)
MUI-HydraCom.lha comm/term216362K1996-05-30m68k-amigaos Hydracom MUI 1.11 - (readme)
nanoTerm3_0.lha comm/term22296K1994-11-16m68k-amigaos Term program in assembly with source - (readme)
NComm-Oz-Phone.lha comm/term219966K1992-10-02m68k-amigaos Converts Oz BBS list to NComm phone book - (readme)
ncomm30.lha comm/term3798307K1993-10-05m68k-amigaos NComm V3.0. Released the 1st of October 1993 - (readme)
ncomm306.lha comm/term4869128K1996-11-10m68k-amigaos Ncomm 3.06 update. Keyfile needed. - (readme)
NComm306PubKey.lha comm/term43821K1998-11-05m68k-amigaos FREE KEY FILE for NComm 3.06 - (readme)
NiftyTerm.lha1.2comm/term230432K1991-05-30m68k-amigaos An h19/VT102/VT52 emulator. V1.2 - (readme)
pbview12.lha comm/term216916K1994-09-19m68k-amigaos View NComm 3.0 phonebooks without - (readme)
Pics2_0.lha comm/term221424K1995-01-04m68k-amigaos Terminus script. Put txt Pics in Email - (readme)
PLATOTermAmiga.adf0.5comm/term1339880K2019-06-17m68k-amigaos Terminal program to access PLATO systems - (readme)
ProTermRip_1.lha comm/term221134K1994-08-31m68k-amigaos RIP terminal emulator ,needs ProTermRip_2.lha for fonts - (readme)
ProTermRip_2.lha comm/term218166K1994-08-31m68k-amigaos Fonts for ProTermRip_1.lha - (readme)
pt-AmiTEL.lha comm/term21405K1999-05-02m68k-amigaos Portuguese Catalog for AmiTEL V3.1 - (readme)
RIPCOMMF21.lha comm/term2167146K1994-10-17m68k-amigaos RipComm version 0.21, RIP term program - (readme)
SerialThing.lha1.0comm/term9263.5M2019-03-15m68k-amigaos ppc-amigaos Serial Terminal and Control Thing - (readme)
SModem100-rev3.lha comm/term223129K1996-04-09m68k-amigaos Amigaport of SModem (bidir ftp w/ chat) - (readme)
Found 117 matching package(s):
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